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Interview with Houston Chronicle, "The Vision of the Texas Medical Center's CEO" (8/4/13)



In 1999, Texas Medical Center, responding to the dramatic growth on campus, created a bold and comprehensive “Vision for Growth: A 50-Year Master Plan for the Institutions of the Texas Medical Center.” This plan established a framework to guide institutional growth and improve the physical environment of the Texas Medical Center.

Subsequently, additional master plans were developed to provide guidelines for hazard mitigation, pedestrian circulation, a skywalk system for the main campus, and storm water management. In 2006, the 50-Year Master Plan was updated.


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Architectural Standards

Texas Medical Center and its member institutions strive to ensure the campus is accessible, attractive, and safe. The common goal is the pursuit of managed growth through master planning and infrastructure coordination. To this end, Texas Medical Center has established and adopted Architectural Standards as provided for in the Charter and Restrictions Governing Texas Medical Center.

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Texas Medical Center strives to promote the highest quality health for all people by assisting member institutions achieve individual and collective goals of superior standards of patient and preventive care, research and education, and local, national, and international community well-being.