Supplier Diversity

Valuing Supplier Diversity

Texas Medical Center Corporation is committed to a strategy of diversity and inclusion through our Diverse Supplier Program. The purpose of this program is to increase the business opportunities for certified veteran, women and minority-owned businesses.  As diverse suppliers have grown throughout the country and worldwide, we continue to see the benefits this strategy brings to all industries.

A key component of our procurement strategy is to identify and select the most capable suppliers.  Our program is intended to source and select the best businesses that enable Texas Medical Center Corporation to reach our business goals.  Investing in the identification and cultivation of a diverse supplier base not only builds an awareness of a social and economic responsibility to our community, it assists Texas Medical Center Corporation in partnering with the best suppliers for mutual economic benefit.

The long-term key to a successful supplier diversity program is the commitment of Texas Medical Center Corporation and our suppliers to work in alignment with the mission and values of Texas Medical Center Corporation.  It is our expectation that all approved suppliers will agree to this commitment in partnership with Texas Medical Center Corporation.

You can learn more about our Procurement Programs by linking to our Procurement of Goods and Services at Texas Medical Center page and completing our supplier registration form or contact us at


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