Campus Security Information

Texas Medical Center Police & Security Services

2450 Holcombe Blvd., Suite 1
Houston, Texas 77021
(Located near the intersection of Holcombe & Almeda)
24-Hour Security Assistance and Service

Security and Motorist Assistance:

Call 713-795-0000 for motorist assistance 24 hours a day.  Types of assistance may include battery boosts, lost car assistance, pumping up low tires, unlocking vehicle doors, or filling a radiator with water.

Traffic Rules and Regulations:

Many patients and visitors may be facing personal distress while visiting our campus.  For this reason, traffic rules and regulations are kept simple with a focus on maintaining the safety of everyone on campus.  Officers from the Texas Medical Center, Houston Police Department, University of Texas, University of Houston, Rice University, and METRO help maintain a safe environment in and around the Texas Medical Center campus.  These officers enforce the law and issue citations for traffic and parking violations.

Speed Limits:

The speed limit throughout the Texas Medical Center campus is 20 miles per hour on streets and 10 miles per hour within garages and parking lots, unless otherwise posted.

Pedestrian Safety Guidelines:

Pedestrians should only cross streets at designated crossings that are clearly marked with a crosswalk and/or a traffic signal and signage.  Crossing in the middle of the block or at busy intersections with no signage is jaywalking.  Jaywalkers not only risk their personal safety and the safety of others, but also run the risk of receiving a citation and a fine.


Visitors are asked to park only in designated areas.  Please observe all posted signs concerning time limits, visitor and handicapped parking areas, and fire lanes.  Violators are subject to citations or vehicle towing.


Bicycles and motorcycles on Texas Medical Center streets are considered vehicles and must adhere to the same traffic laws as other drivers.  Cyclists should signal to other vehicles and pedestrians and maintain common driver etiquette.  Motorcycles must park in designated motorcycle parking areas.

People with Disabilities:

The Texas Medical Center campus provides ample parking space for people with disabilities.  Parking spaces are located near garage elevators and are marked with highly visible signs bearing the universal disability signs bearing the universal disability access symbol.  Only patients and visitors with an official hang tag or license plates bearing the disability symbol may park in these spaces.

Most on-campus sidewalks and curbs contain special "cuts" to ease access for people with disabilities between the garages and institutions located throughout the Texas Medical Center campus.

METROLift:  713-225-0119

METROLift offers curb-to-curb transportation for mentally or physically challenged persons.


Texas Medical Center strives to promote the highest quality health for all people by assisting member institutions achieve individual and collective goals of superior standards of patient and preventive care, research and education, and local, national, and international community well-being.